Florida Winners in the NFSPS 2016 Contests

10 Florida Winners in the NFSPS 2016 Contests (alphabetical order by last name)

BJ Alligood, Port Orange, 2HM, Category 13

Robert E. Blenheim, Daytona Beach,  4HM, Category 4

3rd Place, Category 18

3HM, Category 35

2nd Place, Category 49

Madelyn Eastlund, Beverly Hills, 3HM, Category 31

Judith Krum, Sanford, 2HM, Category 6

4HM, Category 9

Patricia Lieb, Shady Hills, 7HM, Category 9

Irvin D. Milowe, Coral Gables, 7HM Category 2

Joyce Shiver, Crystal River, 6HM, Category 12

3rd Place, Category 28

7HM, Category 35

5HM, Category 41

2HM, Category 49

Coleen Ward, Melbourne, 4HM, Category 8

3rd Place, Category 9

7HM, Category 16

2HM, Category 39

1HM, Category 43

Janet Watson, Wesley Chapel,  2nd  Place, Category 12

2nd Place, Category 19

5HM, Category 28

7HM, Category 38

7HM, Category 40

Betty Ann Whitney, Wesley Chapel, 1st Place, Category 26